When we conceptualized ProsperWalk™ we thought of it as a tool that could help local businesses connect with locals and visitors regardless of the size of the town. We know that the size of the town can dramatically change given a specific event or season that attracts outsiders. The beauty of ProsperWalk™ is that it keeps both segments engaged when you need them to be engaged. This is evident in the menu layout of the mobile app. We have included key components that are useful to locals such as a Business Listing where they can find a lawyer, a dentist, or a real estate broker. We have also included a Coupon section that will keep locals using the app and generating traffic to both segments and that create a sense of excitement around your organization. Visitors are usually interested in finding places to dine out and fun things to do around town. That is why we have included our Entertainment and Dining sections.

We are also aware of tight budgets, and a mobile application can be quite expensive. ProsperWalk™ is free for Downtowns and Main Streets, so that you can be on the cutting edge of marketing without having to touch your budget.

In summary, ProsperWalk™ is dynamic and flexible to meet your needs. Small towns can greatly benefit from the exposure and the ability of visitors to rapidly find what they are looking for.

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