Thoughts like: “I already have a website!” and “Isn’t it super expensive?” are probably crossing your mind. Let’s go over a few of the benefits that an app like ProsperWalk can bring to your organization.

1. Apps are the majority of the internet traffic: Websites are necessary and if you are anything like us, you have probably spent a lot of time/money making it look, feel, and convey exactly what you had in mind. Isn’t that enough? Is an app really needed? According to a CNN Money’s article “Mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January [2014]. Apps account for 47% of Internet traffic and 8% of traffic came from mobile browsers, according to data from comScore”. Every day you go without an app, you are losing significant amounts exposure and traffic to your organization.

Mobile vs Desktop2. Reaching a bigger and wider audience: Mobile searches are also on the rise particularly with millennials. An app allows your organization to be found online even easier; additionally, ProsperWalk‘s integration with two of the major social networks furthers the scope and reach of your organization.

3. Convenience, convenience, convenience: Due to speed, reliability, and offline access, 85% of consumers prefer to use apps over mobile websites according to a leading global study. In turn, this will allow you to increase engagement of consumers with your organization.

In conclusion

The mobile industry is experiencing incredible growth, and the catalog of mobile apps, usage, and variety grow exponentially every year. Without an app, your organization is at a great disadvantage, and according to the trends, the use of apps will only continue to increase.

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