Top 5 Ways to promote your business at an event

As a Downtown, Main Street, CVB or Chamber of Commerce, it is on your best interest to help businesses succeed, prosper and make the most our of their marketing efforts. Events are in full swing and families are looking for opportunities to create great memories in their community. This is a great opportunity to promote businesses, and the information below could be valuable to your member/businesses (feel free to copy and paste the info). Whether it’s a concerts, festivals, parades, races, etc. Here are a few ways to do just that!

  1. A race opportunity – If you know anyone that is participating in a race, here is one opportunity you can take advantage of. Get your business name out there! Whether it be your company name and/ or website url on a T-shirt, headbands, or even a hat this a great way to promote.
  2. Create a calendar full of events – Send a calendar to your clients inviting them to different events that are coming up! They will see the involvement the business has on the community and you will be able to communicate with your clients on a personal level.
  3. Set up a booth – Get permission to be able to set up a booth at a local festival to get your business name out there. People will always visit booths that have fun games for prizes. This will make people curious and will give you the opportunity to reach out to people and even close some sales.
  4. Facebook Contest – Set up a contest on Facebook at a local event ( festival, tournaments, country fairs, etc.) where many people will attend. Offer free tickets or a discount on an event price. This is again a great way to promote your business and get your companies name out there.
  5. Host an Event- What better way to promote your business then hosting an event yourself! Have an event with food and fun games while passing out business cards and talking to people about the company. Target your regular customers with a personal email for your event and you’re set!

Whatever your business is, you can never go wrong with promoting during these events. We hope these tips helps!

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