LinkedIn is usually one of the social networks that gets forgotten a lot of the time, but is a great resource for all kinds of professionals and their organizations. Here are 5 tips on how you can use LinkedIn as an amazing tool for your organization and your members. Some of these tips can even be used for your other social media sites.


1. Don’t just provide updates, tell a story

Just like on any social network, people don’t want to just get updates. They want to hear a story. They want to see what you and your organization are really about.


2. Respond within 24 hrs

People love engagement, not with their friends and family but especially with the people they do business with. That’s why not only with Facebook and Twitter but also on LinkedIn you should respond as quickly as possible, but no more than 24 hrs.


3. Create a group

Within LinkedIn you can create groups to help provide information to your members or potential members. Things like Industry Updates, Event information, Highlight Members, Etc. Not only that but it can also be a very useful to help your members coordinate services, community proposals, and much more.


4. Use the sales navigator

If your organization is member based, you’re always trying to grow your member base. LinkedIn has a fantastic tool called the Sales Navigator. A simple tool that allows you to use LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, as a Customer Relationship Management resource. From saved search results, to direct messaging. You can utilize this resource as your own tool to help grow your organization.


5. Recruiting

LinkedIn is a place where professionals from all sectors gather to share tips, tricks, and updates. That’s why LinkedIn can be the ideal place to recruit. Whether it’s for one of your members or for your organization, you can list your job postings here while also providing an easy way for applicants to apply for your open positions.


We hope you can make the most of this great resource. You can also visit our new LinkedIn Page to get more tips and access to incredible resources you can use to grow your organization.

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