Do you feel like an unseen hero? It’s because you are. Many city officials, business owners, etc. take your work for granted. It’s easy since there is no tangible ROI, and

  1. Driving Foot Traffic: The events that you organize, help organize, and/or sponsor are designed to bring people down to your Downtown or Main Street. People can’t deny the increased traffic when these events are going on. The trick is to figure out a way to determine how much additional revenue was created. Unfortunately there is not a way to do such thing; however, with a little bit of help from the city, you can keep track of tax revenue captured month to month. It is safe to assume that the months with the largest events will see a spike in tax revenue. Keep track of those so that you can compare month to month, as well as a marketing tool for your organization.
  2. Lobbying: While city hall has good intentions, from time to time there are ordinances that could be damaging to the businesses you serve. You are uniquely positioned to carry the voice of these businesses back to city hall and made their voice heard. Don’t underestimate the power of well organized business owner.
  3. Networking: As you create committees to work on different projects, ask for volunteers, and organize events, it creates networking opportunities. These opportunities are wonderful for business owners to get to know each other, and to promote their goods and services.
  4. Community Engagement: The events and services you provide are excellent opportunities to strengthen communities. These activities are centered around the community and for the benefit of its members. Find key business owners and community leaders that can help you and keep the engagement growing.
  5. Beautification: Successful Executive Directors also help property owners and business owners to tidy up their facades, clean up public spaces, and seek grants for beautification. Through your knowledge and ability to help with grants, you are uniquely positioned to help this.

These are just 5 ways that you make a difference in your Downtown or Main Street. Thanks for all you do, and keep making our Downtowns and Main Streets a fun place to visit.

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