Staying active in social media is a job that requires perseverance. Now that Summer is arriving, it is important to stay more active than ever! Take advantage that many of your followers will try to disconnect from their daily work, and spend more time in leisurely activities to have more traffic on your social media profiles. Here we share 3 effective ways to achieve just that.


# 1 Adjust publication schedules

During the Summer people usually get up later. Adjust the time your publications are posted. If you have historical information on how your social media posts were viewed last Summer, use it to plan for this year. Once this is done, you will know the perfect times for your publications. If you don’t have any data from last year, try pushing them back an hour or so and experiment with the reactions until you find the right times.

# 2 Videos and images

There are two tools that never fail. Images and videos. During the Summer, your followers do not want to take time to read long posts. That is why images and videos are the best way to attract their attention and increases your chances of getting “likes” and comments. Try to use warm colors that go with your Summer theme, focus on humor and if you make videos try to be short. Create content easy-to-consume and share!

# 3 More interaction in your social profiles

Try to get a more frequent and informal interaction with your users. A “like” or a comment is an effective way to do it, especially in those quiet moments of the day so you direct traffic towards your social media profiles.

Give a cool touch to your social networks this summer, but do not forget them. Hope you enjoy these tips on how to rock your Summer in social media accounts.

What else works for you during the Summer months? Leave us your questions and comments.

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