When you start a social media profile it is important to know how to make good use of all resources. In the same way, it is very important to know the limits that we must have in social media.in order to keep safe the reputation of the organization or institution


1.Bash the competition

There are several examples of organizations / institutions that have the tendency to promote their product / service by leaving their competitors behind with bad comments. This is unprofessional and you must avoid it at all costs. On the contrary, what you can do is describe your product / service highlighting its benefits and understanding your differences. Take a deep breath, be nice, and this will make your product / service stand out without having to make the competition look bad.

2.Treat your followers as if they were friends

It is good that you want to have a much more human and relaxed communication with your followers, but you can be friendly, and kin using an appropriate and respectful language. This will make your organization / institution stand out, look professional and feel more human at the same time. Never fall into vulgarities, double meaning, or use controversial topics in your posts or answers.


3.Deny criticism

As we have shared in previous blog entries, criticism is good because it means that the product / service has already been tested by the user but has not yet met their needs. For this reason, it is important that you read the reviews carefully and get ideas on how to either improve your product, or how to communicate better your message (or both!), so soon the criticism will no longer be valid.


4.Open profiles instead of pages on Facebook

It is important to know that a profile is not the same as a page. Profiles are usually for personal use and are designed to interact with your closest friends. That is why pages are more appropriate at the moment of promoting your organization / institution. Pages will allow you to interact with several users at the same time and promote your products / services at the same time.


5.Leaving social media

This can happen when you work with many platforms at the same time. It can prove difficult to manage them all. It is important that you identify which are the favorite media profiles your users subscribe to and focus on those, this way you will avoid mismanagement of all your media profiles and lose your followers.


This will help you to have a better functioning of your social networks and help your users know your organization. If you have any other ideas you’d like to share, feel free to add them on the comment section.


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