Janice is a clever and ambitious businesswoman who is passionate about soccer. Today we will dedicate our article to her hobby and how Janice and her organization can take advantage of the World Cup to increase their social media audience. The big question that remains is whether we can really increase our followers and sales at this time.

Of course it is possible! Not only at this time but also in hard times of economic recession, or when people are generally distracted by other events. Regardless of the situation people still need some services, so here we share some tips to invest in marketing and attract more users and customers to your organization and achieve success.

Be friendly – speak the lingo

During this soccer season fans feel more cheerful and relaxed. Therefore, we recommend that you adopt a more relaxed and enjoyable posture. This will allow social media users to feel more relaxed and accept with more ease what you have to sell. Try to talk in a more casual and less formal tones. Adopt the lingo of the sport and score a “hat trick” with new fans.

Use Google Trend

Google Trend is a big marketing tool and will help you discover what are the most used terms, services and products in the searches and you can find out what is the market demand this soccer season.

Creation or adaptation of services

Once having knowledge of the trends in the market, you can have a good base of the characteristics and benefits that are of interest for your target audience. So you can consider if you want to make a different campaign for your services and adapt it to what your audience is looking for.

Spread the product or service on Google

After determining which campaign you will use to give a better service or product to your audience in this soccer time, promote it in google. This way you will increase the visibility of your organization.

Empower contact through social networks

You may get motion sickness from how fast social media feeds move during World Cup season. Fans love to share pictures and video during these events. Take advantage of this situation an try to approach your new potential audience in the networks or channels most used by them. You will undoubtedly find good opportunities to increase the number of your users and customers.

So prepare your T-shirt and strategy, to achieve success in this season and won more user and new customers. Take advantage of your visit in our website and leave us your comment.


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