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Maryland, USA
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About Waverly Main Street

Waverly Main Street, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and one of 9 designated Main Streets here in Baltimore.

The Waverly Main Street mission is to expand growth of the Waverly Commercial District through:

– Revitalization and economic development
– Commercial building and streetscape improvements
– Promotions and entrepreneurial development

We partner with district businesses, local residents, non-profits, and other nearby interests to solidify and further enhance the diversity and historic character of Waverly.

In 2013, Waverly Main Street released a comprehensive Master Plan for the district. Click HERE to Download the Master Plan.

Waverly Main Street plays an important role in strengthening our neighborhoods by applying the Main Street approach to promote economic development and community revitalization. The volunteer-driven program is facilitated with assistance from Baltimore Development Corporation in efforts to improve safety, sanitation and code enforcement, as well as funding and design services for building renovations in Waverly’s commercial district.

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